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Ron Spicer
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Anyone downloaded and installed Yosemite?   Wondered because I'm having problems with Maverick with neither Save to burn nor Compressor to burn is producing good quality videos.   Stuttering, sound fade and loss at times.   Absolute rubbish.   Info on the Net says others are suffering too but not everyone (?) so anyone here got the same problems or gone over to Yosemite?   

Ta to anyone responding.


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Re: Yosemite

I would be interested as well, as I am planning to shift from FCP7 to FCPX and am currently on maverick.

maverick ( installed as a patch) was a mistake as my safari crashes all the time but video wise, it seems ok

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Re: Yosemite

Sorry for the late reply. At present I would wait with installing the new software. specially if you are using it for editing. Need more feedback from pro's who are using FCP.
Maverick and FCP-X work fine.

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Re: Yosemite

Premiere seems to work well after going up to Yosemite, but not all Adobe programmes work so well - the new version of Java doesn't work on quite a few things I have installed and I had to search for and re-install; a legacy version before they would run.

All in all - I wish I'd waited - I don't like the new look, and can't really seem much improvement - and a few programmes seem to hang now, where they didn't before.