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Now that YouTube has added a 'viewable' HD to their uploads, I have a few clips (more coming) from the feature KERBEROS shot on the EX1. Hundreds of people across the web have commented on the stills and cinematography in the film on the site, so finally I can show you what this looks like in motion!

While not a perfect rendition, I feel that these look good enough to get the idea.

The open titles - were shot with no lights or bounce - just a guy trying to hold an umbrella while shooting!

The Prison/streets fights were shot with available streetlights, a couple 1 K's, and the headlights of the cars. The prison scene had a couple 1 K's with bounce and two high powered flashlights manned by the crowd raking across the bodies as they were fighting.

The "Hey I didn't kill him" had a couple of 1 K's, a mini kino in the car, a handheld flashlight for fill (by the actor by the way) and the outside security lights adding a bit of depth.

And the Chase Scene - Part 1 - is only available light and shot with a crew of 1 !

More coming as well a page explaining a bit more - and of course lots of stills and frame grabs, color grading examples on the site KERBEROS movie site

Youtube clips http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMovieKerberos

in case i did this wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKRwkMDjit0

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WOW well done and some really nice cinematic images there! I look forward to seeing the full film, it also shows how streaming has come on in the past few years but also highlights that if you start with good quality material even the 360p and 480p images will look good.

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Title sequence clip is beautifully shot - very impressive - and at last YouTube looks as good as Vimeo. But why the strange use of brackets around parts of the words in the titles ?

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Thanks again!

And strange, broken kerning! My way of taking the most basic font - arial - and bringing to it subtle design elements as well a sometimes other layers of meaning... example the "ker" of Kerberos - ker as in "cur" the dog of Eberos...

Then again, sometimes they become ways to just make you wonder what the meanings might be... a rhythm of "wondering and curiosity"...

And the underlying graphics which are controlling the transfer modes of the titles video is the final action scene of the movie... hoping that somehow it subconsciously registers and provides a bookend to the story itself... the images flashing within that are underground viaducts and sewers of Greece and Rome, US treasury plates, shots of Hercules defeating Kerberos, and more - they go quick, but here are some of the frame grabs from the sequence -


Like the movie itself, it may or may not work, but nothing was random and there are meanings within meanings, and story and character choices drew on the mythology of KERBEROS, and the Irish legends from the name Finn (our main character)